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WalkJoy® has been selected by GE to be one of a select group of companies to be part of StartUp Health and GE Entrepreneurship Program
StartUp Health
WalkJoy is a portable, compact, discreet wearable device that aids in the restoration of gait and balance disorders due to peripheral neuropathy or other indications.
Providing dynamic, new Patient Analysis, Compliance and Care.
Contact us for more information about this tremendous breakthrough in real world, real-time, and really convenient patient care.
WalkJoy is a non-invasive device that aids in the restoration of gait and balance
WalkJoy re-establishes the sensorimotor loop by providing the patient a secondary signal to healthy nerves around the knee-- telling the patient that their heel just struck the ground. Motor control does not have to be re-trained. The central nervous system incorporates the new signal and the motor system responds as if there is not loss of sensation in the foot--returning to its normal pattern of gait.
The compact WalkJoy device is comfortably and discreetly worn just below the knee (on front of leg) and aids in effortlessly, pain-lessly and quickly restoring gait
WalkJoy shown on actual PN patient
WalkJoy is a Class II 21 CFR 882.5050 Biofeedback device exempt from the premarket notification [510(k)]
WalkJoy is placed below the knee on the tibia tubercle. It measures swing and accelera-
tion signals generated by the patient's gait. As the patient's foot strikes the ground Walk-
Joy provides a vibrotactile stimulation to the pacinian corpuscles around the knee. (These
corpuscles are not affected by peripheral neuropathy and have a dedicated pathway to
to the central nervous system.)
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Internal components:
  • Triple Axis Accelerometer
  • Gyro
  • Vibrotactile Actuator
  • Microprocessor
  • Compact Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
WalkJoy Product Features
Patient Comfort Attaching Strap
  • Various patient sizes
  • Easy Velcro adjustment and securing
Power Switch
  • Sized for easy patient use
LED Power Indicator
D USB Charging (AC) and Data Port
  • Std. cell-phone style AC charger plugs into USB port to recharge
    on-board Lilon battery
  • Dataport allows for transfer of patient compliance data to
    healthcare professional system
E Ergonomic Housing
  • Attaching areas flex upon strap tightening to comply and
    contour with patient physiology
Micro USB Charger
F Rugged and Durable Molded Housing
  • Mil-Spec Injection-Molded PPE
  • Easy-to-Clean
G Ergonomic Patient Pad
  • Forms and compresses to patient physiology
  • Secures product in proper leg alignment
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Link-Age Connect 8/15/2013
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Link Age has just released and article featuring WalkJoy and Walking Health and our success at LinkTank!!! Way to go team!


Innovate LTC Social Hour 8/12/2013
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WalkJoy has been asked to present at Innovate LTC's Social Hour in Lousville, KY on September 10, 2013. We are excited to demonstrate our products and services to the 100+ executives in the Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Rehab Care, Hospitals and Healthcare Investors space.


Video Testimonial 7/29/2013
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Here is a great video on how and why WalkJoy and Walking Health are a good match in the Senoir Living Space -


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Blain Tomlinson, CEO
Founder and COO of CPaIR Inc
Executive Director of the St. Joseph Health System's Mission Innovation Institute
Executive Director of the Adam Williams Traumatic Brain Injury Foundation and Vice President of Healthcare for O'Melveny and Meyers Consulting
Co-founded the Orange County Life Science CEO Roundtable

Dr. David Eckhous, CSO
Dr. Eckhous has over 30 years of experience in biomedical engineering, specializing on the design of orthotics and prosthetics for neuropathic patients
Research Director at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center and was founder and President of InHous Orthopedics / Prosthetics and founder of Therapeutic Innovations
Rehabilitation and Occupational therapy consultant and Mobility Clinic Specialist for the regional Center System for Developmental Disabilities
Faculty member at California State University, Dominguez Hills, Bachelor Program, Orthotics and Prosthetics and Occupational Therapy Degree Program

Joe McKnight, COO/Controller
RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional and has worked as a Diabetes Educator through the Nevada School of Medicine
Sales C level work for Praxair, Lincare, Western Healthcare, Interwest Medical
Six Sigma Green Belt and has strong budgeting, P&L management and contract negotiation experience, particularly with Federal Agencies
Served in various functions with the Medicare Region D DMEMAC Advisory Committee (Region D. DAC) for 21 years liaison between Medicare agencies and the medical supply community for 17 western states
President of the American Diabetes Association, Nevada Affiliate
Founded and developed the Nevada Diabetes Association for Children and Adults (NDACA) and Nevada Association of Medical Products Suppliers (NAMPS)

Royce Rumsey, VP Product and Brand Development
Responsible for the creation and commercialization of some of the most successful products and brands in the medical, consumer, and entertainment product markets including Diasonica, Phillips, El I-Lilly,
Cybertech Medical, Puritan-Bennett, Dedicated Blopey, HyperbarlMedical, Sony, Tonka, Bandai, Yamasha, Penske-Kranefuss, Elk Mills, and 360AG
Product and Brand Design Aggregate sales exceeding $30 billion
Recipient: 2 ISDA Gold IDEA awards for Product of the Year, INDEX Award Finalist, Design of the Decade Award, Communication Arts Gold Medal Award, TIME Magazine's 10 Best of the Year, feauture articles in Business Week and WIRED magazines

Michael Haag, VP Information Systems
Founder and President of Productive Programming, Inc., a leading Software Development firm, providing custom developed solutions to businesses since 1986.
Co-Founder and President of WSI Sales LLC, an online website development company for selling inventory over the internet - specializing in the commercial truck market.
Co-Founder and President of iHaveBuyers, an online professional networking tool for real estate agents to promote their buyer's wants
EVP and Director of IT for the City of God; a non-profit organization responsible for the publication and distribution of non-denominational religious material.
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WalkJoy Corp.
266 St. Joseph Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90803

(562) 714 5151
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